Attrition project

Attrition project

System Overview

Customers machine displays all scrap and reject for single components element and final product element. There is 16 identical machine across whole plant that display scrap only through the local HMI. System does not control scrap ratio and there is no visibility “Scrap attrition” for single components elements. Currently the data cannot be collected accurately to show the correct scrap rates and reasons.

Customer Specification

Develop Actual Scrap ratio control software that will allow us to reduce the production of scrap. Data collection and report system developed to show the correct scrap rates and reason so that meaningful analysis can be carried out to Target and Prioritise Improvement areas.

Plsonic Solution

PLC logic developed to control scrap ratio of every single component and a group of components. Percentage of scrap is adjustable through the HMI setting and visual representation is displayed including line stoppage history. Data collection system have been implemented through traceability system. Trends report system developed to allow monitoring scrap ratio per shift for the whole year period. HMI early warnings for the operator to reduce the risk of overlook in busy production environment. Statistic report have been created to allow present 10 top highest scrap issues per line, per all lines, per failures. Reports allow maintenance and engineering department identify bottle neck of process and improve quality and OEE.

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