Condition based monitoring

Condition based monitoring

System Overview

The customers high speed machine has more than 50 axis controlled by servo drives. There is no system in place to monitor the condition of all the ball-screws. Any ball-screw failure has a huge impact on machines OEE. There is no warning given. The average repair time is 80 minutes. Requires process setup and quality buy-off following change.

Customer Specification

To be able to plan exchange and setup outside of run time, we were asked to develop software to gather max torque information from servo drives and present them by the daily and weekly graphs for predictive maintenance.

Plsonic Solution

PLC logic created to record max torque for the last 30 samples build. Data is then recorded into a .csv file, stored on the server and displayed via the webpage accessed by maintenance from anywhere within the factory network. The system is flexible so axis that don't require monitoring can be turned on/off. This helped to reduce the downtime caused by balscrew failure down to zero as well as helped to identify greasing intervals to maintain torque within set limits.

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