Explicit message project

Keyence sensors explicit message on DeviceNet.

System Overview

Customer's production process requires daily checks to be completed before every production shift. QA have to confirm that the limits are within the specification. There is 12 sensors per machine, times 10 machines giving 120 checks to be carried out on sensors themselves. This is time consuming and requires going into amplifiers menu to find the right information. This also creates a room for failure as if amplifier left on page other than main, there is no ready signal back to PLC and machine wont start with no visual aids to the operator or maintenance.

Customer Specification

To read back information required from the sensors, display results on the HMI and stop machine if limits are not within the specification.

Plsonic Solution

PLC subroutine created to read back from the sensors lower and upper limits and results displayed on the hmi. This was achieved by the explicit message over the DNet communication. Additionaly hmi log been created to log every tolerance change. Also machine cycle stop condition created if not within the spec. Improved OEE and reduced man hours achieved.

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