Software change project

Vehicle part assembly factory – new product software change

System Overview

Customer produce multiple selection product. Different configuration is achieved by joining together single components into blocks. Components are assembled together by electric torque tools driver and positioning by servo drives. QR code scanners and RFID readers are used for product identification spread across 30 assembly station. All the process is integrated with MES system.

Customer Specification

Customer introduce new product. There would be different sizes of components joining together to create universal block modules. We have been asked to install new software to differentiate product type and allocate correct operation sequence for each stage. Improve tracking system of product ID to supplied operation and logic sequence at each station.

Plsonic Solution

We provided PLC software designed and commissioning with on-going support. Improved RFID pallet read system to tracking Product ID by creating dedicated Read/Write function block that is link with customer MES system. Nutrunner open protocol change to differentiate product programs . Servo Drive software changed to assembly different size blocks of modules. New QR scanner reader was added to each station where additional assembly components have to be identified by product type.

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