Suspension arm fabrication cell modification

Suspension arm fabrication cell modification

System Overview

Customer supplies suspension arms for one of the most successful cross over vehicles on the market. Fabrication cell is divided into 4 operation stages which produce about 800 suspension arms per day. Cell contain 1 ABB handling robot, 3 ABB welding robots, rotary weld table, dies cut and punches station. Customer due to high quality standard process scraps some of the product. (Press-shop, fabrication concerns). Due to quality reject they need produce additional amounts left or right suspension arms.

Customer Specification

Customer fabrication cell configuration does not allow to produce left or right arms separately. We have been asked to modify cells to allow independent production left, right or both arms as required.

Plsonic Solution

We provided Mitsubishi AnQ PLC and HMI software designed and commissioning. Abb S4C IRB6400 Handling and S4 IRB 1400 welding Robots software modification and commissioning.

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