Warehouse monitoring project

Warehouse monitoring system

System Overview

Customer uses rack and crane system to store products in up to 600 locations. PLC holds 102 Words of information per rack. There are 12 WMS required to store more than 700000 points of information. PLC failure or data corruption could cause a few million pounds worth of product loss..

Customer Specification

Customers have asked us to introduce backup systems to store PLC location and record crane transactions. Additionally we have been asked to implement report systems for the visibility of product variety in rack location (Product type, location load status, Quantity of products in single location, Product unique ID). That information was critical for production and future planning storage capacity.

Plsonic Solution

A custom application was developed for a Warehouse management system. We provided a solution to backup PLC memory into a CF card for every crane transaction. FTP protocol application was created to pull the data files from memory cards and store them on the server. Data from the binary file was converted into a readable format and moved to SQL Database to generate customised reports.

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